Misemonji Goalkeeper

What is Misemonji Goalkeeper (Window filter)?

It is an air filter that is attached to the window. It uses electrostatic to collect impurities of fine dust, yellow dust, pollen and insects and provide clean and clear air to the household. There are 4 types of Misemonji Goalkeeper that can be installed to fit based on concentration of fine dust.
* What is fine dust? : It is an invisible tiny and thin dust particle of less than 10㎛ diameter. Fine dust penetrates into the lungs through the respiratory tract, diminishing the function of lungs and causing diseases in the eyes, nose and throat.

  • Thick type for veranda
    (1.2 X 2.4m)

  • Thin type for veranda

  • Thick type for window

  • Thin type for window
  • 111
    Thin type for wider windows
  • 222
    Thick type for wider windows
  • 333
    Thin type for multi-purpose
  • 444
    Thick type for multi-purpose

Features of the Product

fine dust

  • 1
    Convenient and easy to install regardless the size of a window
  • 2
    Excellent collection effect of impurities by using electrostatic
  • 3
    Amazing ventilation amount and high collection rate of fine dust
  • 4
    Solid bulk type even against strong wind
  • 5
    Excellent water-proof and strong durability
  • 6
    Nontransparent material for the protection of private life

Inserted Video of Misemonji Goalkeeper

필터테크 미세먼지 골키퍼 소개영상

Quality Certification

  • goal_1
    Particle collection rate 87.5%
    (Other product groups: average of 58.4~60%)
  • goal_2
    Ventilation amount 178㎥/h
    (Other product groups: average 111.4㎥/h)

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