What is Dipperwell?

At first, it was used for the scoop washing of ice cream at ice cream stores. It has been used around the espresso machine at café or coffee shop. Our product is patented functional product that can be used by conveniently washing mini foam maker, long bar spoon or milk spoon at normal café.

Product Composition


Examples of Product Installation

Product Features

  • 1
    100% Domestic Production
    It is the 100% domestic product self-designed and manufactured by the company.
  • 2
    Domestic Patent
    It is highly excellent product commercializing company’s patent.
  • 3
    All-in-One Drainpipe (BOWL)
    It is all-in-one type which is easy to install and economic with the effect of leak prevention.
  • 4
    Stainless Steel Material (BOWL)
    Its material is rust-proof stainless steel which can be used for long as a new product.
  • 5
    Size Improvement (FAUCET)
    Faucet has been improved to the size of ¼ that fits the size of water purifier pipe. It is suitable for domestic installation environment.
  • 6
    Check Valve (FAUCET)
    The dipper well is mounted with a check valve so that the air flows backward to the coffee machine and to prevent the heater from the phenomenon of filling with air.
  • 7
    Chrome Plating (FAUCET)
    It is a trivalent chrome plating with high hardness, beautiful glossiness, no discoloration, and non- hazard to body.

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