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Young Company FILTERTECH

We sincerely thank you for visiting the website of FILTERTECH,
a young company that is developing through continuous change and
technological innovation, and we ask for your further trust and support.

CEO Park Seo Yun


All Filters of the World

FILTERTECH is a professional company for filters that carries out the manufacturing, import, export, distribution, sales, maintenance and repair, and rental service of filters and filter-related parts, materials, devices, and plant.


Exclusive Integrated
Online & Offline Shopping Mall for Filters

By operating our own shopping mall, which has a built-in DB platform for over 50,000 products, we provide various information
so that customers can search for best products on online and off-line markets more quickly and accurately.


Eco-Friendly Company
for Everyone’s Security

Based on long years of experience and rich knowhow with a motto, “Making human life healthier and happier and the world cleaner and more beautiful”, we will develop the company into an eco-friendly company that makes safe water to drink and clean air to breathe for all citizens of Korea.

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